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Performance Leadership Coach – English and Spanish

ICF NY Chapter and Forbes Coaches Council Member

“What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.” Marshall Goldsmith



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I bring 30 years of experience working as a Profesional Coach with more than 6.000 documented one to one coaching hours.

Born and raised in Argentina, I live in New York since 2012, and coach in English and Spanish.



Georgetown University, Leadership Certified Coach

ICF -International Coaching Federation, PCC -Professional Coach

Hogan Personality Assesment Consultant


I worked as a Director of Executive Business Programs at IAE, Business School; I Adviser at a General Managing Office to the Argentina Culture Minister; Business Consultant to Profits and NonProfit Companies.

Why Performance Leadership Coaching? 

You can grip your current strengths, develop new skills and expose you to systems that promote effectiveness.

Can facilitate comprehension of factors that have been restraining your performance and those that can raise it.

Leadership Coaching helps you to see beyond your prevailing viewpoint, eliminate self-defeating behaviors or inactivity.

You would clarify the most critical goals, which should be prioritized, how to set up realistic targets and timeframes.

We will develop a road map to execute and reach your desired goals.



Empowering the

Latinx leaders of today

The nation’s Latinx population has grown since 1970, reaching an estimated 57.4 million in 2016, or nearly 18 percent of the population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In most places where the locals say a community “feels” different from what it did a generation ago, Hispanic & Latinx are the reason: They account for more of the nation’s demographic changes than any other group.


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    When attempting to analyze performance, the client with the coach determines the Current State (where is the person now, what is their current level of performance). To determine the Gap – the coach needs to find out what the issue is that needs to be......

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I want to enhance the potential of Latinx American leaders and open the world for them to act and contribute.

You can feel stuck in habitual patterns of behavior, convinced of self-limiting beliefs, paralyzed by fears of failing or succeeding.

My coaching levels range from C-Suite, Executives Directors, Startup Founders, Expats, who are either new-in-role or seeking to gain responsibility.


I measure my success by how many people I work with becoming successful. Like any great coach or leader, I dedicate my life to creating experiences that allow them to see themselves and what’s possible for their lives in a brand new way.

Sam Cheow

Coach Leo is extremely perceptive and compassionate when it comes to personal development. He is a great listener, and has amazing recall. He is silled at understanding a complex dynamic, and providing just the right common sense advice. He asks the right questions to lead me to very solid decisions. He has helped me to focus and prioritize. I have been better able to look at situations and problems in different ways, thus finding very meaning perspective and solutions. I am a better leader today because of the coaching I received from Coach Leo.

Chief Product Accelerator L’Oreal USA

Abel Elorza

Leo coaching work influence was instrumental in the accurate assessment of my abilities, and the selection of my career and personal goals. I can say with great confidence, that much of my professional and personal success was due to his coaching talents.

ABS Argentina S.A.

Reynaldo Rivera

Leo services as a coach were essential for my personal life and professional career. I must say that without his help, I would have stayed in one small city working in a position without any social impact. As we worked together, I could create a career plan and I achieved it, always keeping in mind the big picture, and overcoming the challenges that came up along the way. Leo personal coaching helped me to improve my interpersonal skills, as well as my self knowledge, which is vital for growing as a social leader. Over the last 10 years, I have led several international projects. This would not have been possible without his guidance.

NGO CEO and Social Researcher, Rome Area, Italy, Civic & Social Organization

Agustin Vinelli

Leo was my coach at a very decisive point in my life when I was making key personal and professional choices. He helped me build the habit of striving for excellence, and to understand my life and career as a service to others. He encouraged me to take risks, like my first career move overseas.

Indirect Procurement and BPO (Job Hunting), Cologne Area, Germany, Outsourcing/Offshoring

Ignacio Capparelli

Leo played a critical role during my career development, particularly in those situations that required smart decision based on multiple perspectives, such as the selection of an appropriate master degree or guidance for career specialization based on my strengths. His deep empathy, positive energy and ethical values make Leo a distinctive coach, totally dedicated to leveraging the best potential of his subjects. Leo has an excellent understanding of millennials, the strong capability to identify high potential talents and craft to identify successful career paths in a short time.

Treasury & Trade Solutions Head, Uruguay, Banking

Claudio Rivera

Leo was my coach years back in the late 90s. His advice and support were of extraordinary relevance for me in a wide variety of area. Two that impacted my career in a significant way. First, I became ambitious in a good sense. I was born and grew up in a modest city of Argentina, 99% of my friends and classmates stayed there. Leo coaching and encouragement helped me pursue other horizons and a global career. Second, Leandro made me discover leadership as a field of specialization, which became the focus of my career. Leadership wasn’t so popular and widespread at that time, all the credit goes to him for helping me find my career path. With Leo hellp I boosted my confidence and I created my long-term career plan. As a coach myself I know these are the most important objectives any coach should aim to achieve.

Lead of the Education System work group at FICIL, Latvia,Education Management

Juan Pablo Viola

I’d like to strongly recommend Leo work. He has coached me for several years and I owe him my actual position in a university for his encouragement. I have also passed some difficult time in life and Leo was there with his outstanding support to help me to put everything in a long-life perspective, and Leo empowered my potential to exceed the sad moments. I have to admit that my nowadays success is, partly, Leo's work; he is the best at what he does. His excellence is proved in my experience.

Professor at University of Piura , Assistant Professor, Universidad de Navarra, Spain

Ph.D. in Philosophy from Universidad de Navarra

Javier García Sanchez

I think all of us are facing transition. Some are perhaps more obvious than others. You have the big physical ones like changing jobs or moving across country. And some are subtle and more reflective, like when you are ready to make a personal leap forward in how you will hold yourself accountable.

Ph.D. Associate Professor at the Finance Department,IAE, Bussines School, Buenos Aires



Leadership Coaching Certification, Georgetown University

Professional Coaching Certification, International Coaching Federation

Hogan Assessments Certification



Coaching for him is inborn; right from age 13 when he made the sole decision to join the Argentina Navy which was among the top five schools without any influence from anyone, it was obvious he would make something of his life.

From personal awareness, teamwork, organization to problem-solving and communication he was involved in anything and every life skills guaranteed to help shape his life and it did.

The Academy formed the foundation through which he was able to develop resilience, confidence and leadership skills. Little wonder why in his senior year he was promoted to a battalion leader based not just on his incredible academic performance but also on proven leadership skills.

He was the young man everyone came to for advice, the shoulder everyone leaned on; perhaps this is why coaching comes so natural to him.

He didn’t stop in the Argentina Academy as at 16 years he joined Opus Dei, a Catholic Church institution where he was for over 30 years! As is the norm of such organizations he was expected to live a life of celibacy and he not only did this but complimented it by studying leadership extensively together with philosophy and anthropology. The institution rules meant that he had to follow strict rules and regulations driven by a clear mission and specific values which he did without any reservation.

He went on to graduate from Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) at age 22, it was and it still is the best university. Here he held several managerial positions in the Opus Dei leading hundreds of people who he coached to achieve high performance in their endeavors.

Right from his tender age, he had always been beseeched by people from different backgrounds shaped by their ethnic, racial, religious and nationality differences for guidance on spiritual matters but soon found themselves delving into other aspects of life such as job, career change, relationships and purpose for life.

This led him to enroll to study General Management, Business Administration and Organizational Communication. It became paramount at this stage that he improves his skills in order to understand people’s situations and he didn’t fail to live up to the responsibility.

At the age of 45 he resigned from Opus Dei and in late 2012 decided to move to New York city, this posed a new challenge as it required him to learn a new language but with the help of his own personal coach he was able to surpass even his own expectations and he will be forever grateful to her.

In this lovely city, he fell in love with the kindest and most beautiful person he had ever met and of course realizing what a precious gift he had he married her. She is a French-American, his very own and dear Christine.

He has gone through personal discoveries, development, transition and cultural integration and his experiences have thought him that if only we dare to leave our comfort zone and work hard, the sky will only be our starting point.


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